Why Didn’t They Laugh?
#65: Story Time with Tiffany Haddish

#65: Story Time with Tiffany Haddish

January 27, 2016

I've known Tiffany for years and it's awesome to see her blowing up. You can see her in Key and Peele's new movie "Keanu" coming out April 29th as well as being a regular on "The Carmichael Show" on NBC. She tells me stories ranging from her first brush with comedy when she was in foster care, to the time she thinks a dude's dick smelled.

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#64: The Pursuit of Happiness with Bill Nye and Amy (my wife)

#64: The Pursuit of Happiness with Bill Nye and Amy (my wife)

January 22, 2016

My wife Amy cohosts this episode with me even though she had to pee every 8 minutes (7 months pregnant).

I got to interview Bill Nye this week on my other podcast SURELY YOU'RE JOKING I do with a bunch of scientists. I play some of my favorite parts of that interview where we talked about: the discovery of another planet, Roman numerals, climate change, nuclear power’s need for a better publicist, Tom Brady, the importance of space exploration.

Check out Bill’s new book “Unstoppable” available now.

I host that podcast with Kevin P Hickerson (physicist in a lot of my videos. Legit genius/lunatic), Jimmy O Yang (Silicon Valley, Bill was a fan of his and I got jealous), and Griff Pippin (Stand up comic who tours Romania an alarming amount). Other topics included in this episode are: The Oscars, Will Smith, Marriage/Pregnancy, and how to beat depression with a magazine, chewing gum, and a special word.

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#63: Desirable Difficulties with Matt Besser

#63: Desirable Difficulties with Matt Besser

January 20, 2016

Legendary comedian Matt Besser talked to me about starting UCB, the advantages of being in a dinosaur costume, and what made him throw the chips. Been a big fan of this dude for a while and it's great to be able to ask one of the founding members of Upright Citizens Brigade about what makes great improv.

"Besser Breaks the Record" now available at http://seeso.com, check it out it's hilarious.

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#62: The Mad King

#62: The Mad King

January 13, 2016

In a solo episode I show clips from a show that went a bit off the rails but in a fun way. I explain why I never watch my openers. Ok I'll just tell ya, because if the crowd isn't good for them and I think they were funny I will open my show by telling the crowd they were wrong. Not a good move.

If you won powerball you'll have time to listen to this, and if you didn't win powerball you should listen to this to help your powerball game. Or you could read interesting articles online about Kanye west wondering what sleep is. Or just sleep. But what IS sleep?! Kanye is a real dreamer.

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#61: Skyler Stone email blasted my phone number

#61: Skyler Stone email blasted my phone number

January 8, 2016

I've been friends for a decade now with Skyler Stone and in any friendship that long there are ups and downs. This is the longest episode I've done for a good reason. It is PACKED with insane stories. He's an awesome dude who's both charitable and vengeful. He's a force of nature who's been in countless movies and TV shows, has 4 kids, stand up comedy crusher, hot wife, and once emailed my phone number to 200,000 people.

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#60: Howie Mandel

#60: Howie Mandel

January 6, 2016

Awesome talk with Howie Mandel.

My brother and I figure out a way to get a free donut.

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