Why Didn’t They Laugh?
#76: I’m A Dad

#76: I’m A Dad

March 30, 2016

Had an insane week. Had a kid, wrote some jokes, good times. Great joke by Nick Swardson on this episode.

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Stanford and Sons in Kansas City - 4/20-24 Chicago improv - 4/29-5/1 Come!

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#75: Duck, Duck, Penis

#75: Duck, Duck, Penis

March 15, 2016

I use 4 stand up shows to figure out a joke about ducks. If you enjoy information and mysteries you will like this. Enjoy!

Topics include: ducks, mating calls for humans, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, death, the universe, obsession, and hydration.

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#74: Michael Loftus

#74: Michael Loftus

March 9, 2016

We play a game “Is it: Shakespeare, the Bible, or Demetri martin”

Ask Powerful questions like "Is calling Caityln Jenner a cunt make you sexist or progressive?"

I go off on my love for pigeons and Michael gets intense about how John Adams tried to get rid of the French.

A lot of touring dates: Austin Texas Esther's Follies 3/15 10 PM Cleveland and Chicago Improv in April

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#73: Called To Healing (My Mom’s Book)

#73: Called To Healing (My Mom’s Book)

March 3, 2016

My mom's grandmother was a midwife with 6 sisters. My mom came from an abusive family in an abusive time in an abusive world. She willed herself into being kind, thoughtful and connected to a greater meaning than the chaos that surrounded her. She wrote a book back in the early 90's called "Called to Healing." A few classes used the book as a textbook but it never got the commercial acclaim that many books with similar information published decades after have gotten. My mom's happiness probably lies in her intrinsic goals rather than her extrinsic needs of fame and money. So I guess that's when her oversized son can step in and read parts of her book to thousands of people that listen to his podcast.

Weeks away from having my first child I feel called to reconnect to my own parents and their journeys. It was so enjoyable to reread her book and think about it. I once was the 9 year old who felt almost responsible for my mom's sadness because if I hadn't been shot in the eye with that bbgun maybe she would still smile. Now I'm a 35 year old who can see that her journey had much less to do with me and so much more to do with the decades of silence and disconnection she had felt up until that point. Iron sharpens iron and she wouldn't be the person she is today if she hadn't gone through all that.

"There are stories that tell me that being female did not condemn me to a belief that therefore I am profane unclean put on this earth only to continue to release evil and pain in the world when I create new life through birth. There are beliefs that the female is sacred." - Jean Troy Smith PhD

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#72: “Weed saved my marriage” with Richard Villa

#72: “Weed saved my marriage” with Richard Villa

March 2, 2016

I've known Richard for years from his "Refried Fridays" Latino night at the Hollywood Improv. He's blowing up lately and kicking off his own all Spanish podcast on Sideshow Network called DE PIE EN AMERICA

He challenged me to do 5 minutes of material in Spanish in front of a full blown Mexican crowd. So I said "si amigo."

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