Why Didn’t They Laugh?
#275 Sabo Decorates West Hollywood

#275 Sabo Decorates West Hollywood

June 30, 2018

Sabo posts signs showing that the left are actually the Nazi's (Socalists)

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Never run from a bear. And give Mohammed a happy face.

Jason's plans for a new alternative school and much more, including a new song with the bears,

" Highway to Bourdain-ger Zone "

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#274 The Illuminamish

#274 The Illuminamish

June 29, 2018

Focus on your passions in life, not the material things.  Theories on the Amish takeover.  Censorship in the UK, where memes are now illegal.  Canadian home defense weapons.

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#273 Time to Respond to the Haters of my Hater Call Out Video

#273 Time to Respond to the Haters of my Hater Call Out Video

June 28, 2018

Why the left doesn't understand comedy, why they offer no solutions and if you're not left, you're on the right in their view.  Tips on how to confront a leftist.

Comments from haters of the roast video, the media, culture war, feminism, masculinity, abortion, welfare state, zionist definition, etc.  

The " N Word " is Netflix 

Writing and performing a new song, " Such Great Whites " with the bears 

#272 Kaiser George Soze

#272 Kaiser George Soze

June 27, 2018

Commentary on George Soros interview, Kevin Spacey in Usual Suspects, If I Were The Devil and Apocolypse Now.  Breakdown of the roast for those who cannot grasp comedy.  Great C. S. Lewis quotes.

Do you fall in love with evil or good?  Shame and judgement is fundamental to a healthy society.

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#271 Media Mean Girls

#271 Media Mean Girls

June 26, 2018

Why the media acts like Mean Girls. Why is Facebook turning men gay. 

New song with the unBEARables and a ROAST towards the end.

WARNING: This episode may contain really HUGE pox.

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#270 Uncomfortably Dumb

#270 Uncomfortably Dumb

June 23, 2018

I discuss how the left uses weaponized empathy, reperations, Evergreen State madness, trolls, relationship advice, strong smart females, David Hogg, Illegal Immigrant situation and how YouTube will silence by claiming "copywright infringement"

Much respect to Chris Pratt and Bret Weinstein

The new " Uncomfortably Dumb " song

And remember #MyCountryMyChoice and young people are not as retarded as they appear.

#269 How I Wish You Were Queer

#269 How I Wish You Were Queer

June 21, 2018

When you're doing good, that's when evil really comes at you. 

LA Comedy scene, process of thought, Pregnancy, welfare, taxes, child abuse/IQ theory, authentic loyal friendships, and memes are about to be illegal in the UK.

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Video Links

Stalin w/ Steven Crowder

Leftism isn't Crazy

Scientific Proof w/ Kevin Peter Hickerson

Live from Bellevue

#268 Addiction Advice with Guck and the Bear

#268 Addiction Advice with Guck and the Bear

June 21, 2018

Joe Guck and I chat by the fire while cooking steaks in the rain. 

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#267 Questions with my Mom

#267 Questions with my Mom

June 20, 2018

My Mom shares childhood stories of Jason and I, her thoughts on my live streams, answers fan questions and  book reccomendations.  My childhood nickname is revealed. No tears of joy, but contains laughter.

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#266 Tolkien/Lewis vs Sam Harris, Aftermath of the Great Wrenchoning

#266 Tolkien/Lewis vs Sam Harris, Aftermath of the Great Wrenchoning

June 19, 2018

In state government implimented atheistsm.....Everyone dies.  The pushback (questioning) ideas is essential. 

Blind complience is dangerous.  Attack an idea, not the individual.  

Men and Women are diffrent and each should be valued for qualities and diffrences.

Overcoming depression, Being offended, The price of an ethecial life, And much more discussion on society. 

Link to The Wrenchoning Video   by Natalia " Brazilian Bear "

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